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Tigase Monitor is a stand-alone desktop application which connects to all Tigase servers that you have and provide you an overview of the systems state. It displays meaningful charts for the most important system metrics such as CPU usage, Memory usage, users distribution, different kinds of traffic, and more.
On top of this, it also provides detailed information about internal queues sizes, potential bottlenecks, average processing time. It gives you a very good insight into the Tigase running system. Runtime, real-time data assure you are notified instantly when something happens on the system which needs your attention. Each server is represented by a different color which makes it easy to find out not only what is going on but also on which of your servers.
Most important features of the monitor include:

  • Live charts from real-time data for most important Tigase metrics
  • Unlimited number of servers that can be monitored by a single application
  • Customizable "second" window on which you can display charts for your custom metrics
  • Detailed information about the system performance and bottlenecks
  • Automatically generated screenshots which can be saved to HDD periodically

What we like most about the application is it's ease to use and flexibility to display charts for custom metrics. It is invaluable tool for monitoring both production system and systems udder load tests.

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